Stephanie Williams, General ManagerStephanie-BEST

Stephanie has been with BEST since the fall of 2009, starting to coordinate The Bicycle Valet just in time to run eight sites at once during the 2010 Olympics. She has her BA in Geography from SFU a certificate in non-profit management from UVIC, and is completing her Masters in Community Development from UVIC. She is also leading Seniors on the Move, a three year Federally funded Collective Impact project focused on reducing seniors isolation by increasing and improving transportation options.




Anita Man, The Bicycle Valet Coordinator

Anita grew up in Vancouver and has lived in Calgary and Toronto. She studied at Ryerson University in Toronto, receiving her BComm in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Through studying and researching sustainability and the environmental impacts of tourism, she developed a passion for promoting sustainable practices within our travel activities and our daily lives. She loves to travel and explore at every opportunity.




Kevin Simpson, AccountantKevin BEST accountant

Kevin is an accountant rounding out his accounting career with a part-time commitment to BEST.  He was raised in Alberta and completed post-secondary education in Ontario and Alberta before choosing Vancouver in 1986 as the best place to live.  A commuter cyclist and avid masters swimmer he sees the values of BEST resonating with his interests.  This active lifestyle is required for someone who also has an interest in food (preparing and consuming), music, travel, and various crafts.




Margaret Miller,  Communications CoordinatorMargaret Best Communacation

Margaret has worked part time at BEST since 2011. She has degrees in English Literature and Religious Studies as well as extensive administrative, editing, and research experience. While she has lived in numerous locations, including Tasmania, Jerusalem, the Yukon, and India, she is happy to be ensconsed in Vancouver for the time being. In her spare time she likes to visit, write, and ride around on her bike and look at things.



Stephen White, Commuter Challenge CoordinatorStephen White

Stephen is a transplant from Winnipeg where he grew up playing hockey outdoors. He still returns in the winter to help make skating ice on the world record holding Forks River Trail. For four years he has been committed to BEST’s Bicycle Valet and the past two years the BC Commuter Challenge. Downhill mountain biking, cycle touring and canoeing are his latest free time devotions. Stephen has an Associate of  Science degree.




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