25th celebration

BEST celebrates 25 years of sustainable transportation!

Throughout its history, BEST has advocated for sustainable transportation and healthy communities.  Some of our policy contributions include:

  • Working with local, regional, provincial and federal government agencies and decision-makers/policy-makers assessing sustainable transportation options and land-use planning, and the impact on air quality, traffic congestion, and energy consumption of various transportation options
  • Participating as a stakeholder in a variety of transportation planning bodies
  • Participation and advocacy for:
    • Bikes on Sky Train
    • Increased regional funding for cycling
    • the Canada Line
    • TransLink’s 3-year Strategic plan and 10-year Outlook
    • Sustainable transportation strategies for the Sea-to-Sky corridor and other 2010 Winter Olympic transportation legacies;
    • The federal government’s Urban Transportation Showcase;
    • Transport Canada’s Sustainable Development Strategy; and
    • The City of Vancouver’s Downtown Transportation Plan.
    • Transportation 2040 Vision
    • Education for voters on sustainable transportation and livable communities in 1999 and 2002 municipal elections
    • Impact of the Olympics on Citizens Coalition (IOCC), developing position papers on Olympic Transportation Legacies and Developing a Sustainable Transportation for the Sea to Sky Corridor.
    • BC’s Smart Growth on the Ground and Smart Growth Canada
    • Member of the Better Transit and Transportation Coalition and Moving in Livable Region

BEST continues to advocate for vibrant, healthy communities by offering innovative solutions to reduce barriers to active and sustainable transportation.

A huge THANK YOU to all of the volunteers, Board Members and staff who have helped contribute throughout the years!

Healthy Communities and Active Transportation

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