BEST Cycling Guide

Think about swapping your stressful drive along congested arterial roads for a relaxed commute along tree-lined side streets, trails and bike lanes.

Traveling by bike is good for your health, and it’s easy on the planet. What’s more, for trips under 10km, cycling is often faster than driving – and with ever-increasing gas prices, cycling is much easier on the wallet.

If you haven’t explored  by bike in a while, now is the time to join the tens of thousands of people who experience the fun of cycling in our beautiful part of the world.

Download “City Cycling Essentials” for detailed information on choosing and maintaining a bike, safety tips, using your bike on transit, cycling resources, and much more!

The guide comes in three parts:

Choosing a Bicycle

Tips and Tricks for Safe and Happy Cycling

How to Coddle and Care for your Bicycle

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