Introducing the Litman ‘Chauffeuring Burden Index’

Introducing the Litman ‘Chauffeuring Burden Index’ Tuesday, September 2, 2014 – 6:00am PDT by Todd Litman One of the burdens of living in an automobile-dependent community is the significant amount of time and money that motorists must devote to chauffeuring non-drivers, including adolescents and adults with disabilities or low incomes who would travel independently if they had better transport options. This additional vehicle travel imposes direct costs on drivers, and increases external costs including traffic and parking congestion, infrastructure costs, traffic accident risk and pollution emissions. Travel surveys suggest that 5-15% of total personal motor vehicle travel consists of chauffeuring.

Living Streets Ongoing Progress Report

Living Streets Ongoing Progress Report Hello friends of the Living Streets program! Thank you all so much for all of your hard work last year with the Living Streets program! I just wanted to send you all an update on how things are coming along in 2014, as well as some details about the progress that has been made since our last report to City of Surrey staff in 2013. This year the program is being run by myself, Dinah Steele, as Beth Hurford has taken a leave of absence. I am delighted to fill her shoes and continue the excellent work she has done engaging all of you wonderful volunteers! I’ll start by pointing you in the direction of the BEST calendar of events, which is the best way to find out about upcoming Living Streets events to attend. It can be found here:  or alternatively by following BEST on facebook! With the 2014 season well underway, I thought it would be worthwhile to update you all on the progress that has been made since our final event of 2013. I recently received word from Megan Fitzgerald, City of Surrey Transportation Planner, that many of the issues identified in your street audits have already been processed and addressed! I hope you find the following list inspiring as none of these changes would have been possible without your help! List of updates from Megan based on 2013 audit report: 1. Sidewalk constructed at 113 Ave and 136 St. 2. Crosswalk repainted at 137 St. and 72 Ave 3. Blind corner developed for safety at 127 St and 15A Ave 4. Damaged fencing repaired at 108 Ave and 135A St 5. Replaced crosswalk signals at 132 Div and King George Blvd. 6. Illegal dumping noted and “do not dump refuse” sign installed at 132 St and 110 Ave 7. Crosswalk warrants have been requested for the following locations: 101 Ave / 154 St 112 Ave / 138 St 108 Ave / 133St Gateway Drive between University Drive and City Parkway, mid-block 8. Garbage cans requested at the following locations: 135A St south of 108 Ave  At KGB and University DR 9. Request made to replace damaged drainage grate at 13846 Hansen Drive 10. Increased pedestrian crossing time requested at the following locations: 108 Ave / KGB University Dr / KGB 72 Ave / 138 St Megan concluded her email by saying … Continue reading