Living Streets


Living Streets is an environmental education program administered by BEST staff aimed at engaging youth and new Canadians in civic participation.

The program consists of an educational presentation, focusing on the environmental impact of our daily transportation choices, and highlighting issues affecting the safety and sustainability of our communities. Participants are educated and equipped with the skills and information necessary for them to act as community ambassadors through their administration of “street audits.”

The goal of these audits is to identify barriers to walking, cycling and public transportation in Surrey’s communities. They are an effective tool for participants to assess their neighbourhoods, identify issues, and decide how they would like them to improve.

Click here to check out our video and blog audit gallery!

The final component of the program is an open-house event engaging the program’s participants with City of Surrey staff members. Audit findings are presented and discussed, giving City staff an opportunity to engage with and respond to participants’ concerns.

As a result, Living Streets provides its participants with an opportunity to have positive and productive interactions with municipal planners and subsequently generates useful information for the future development of these neighbourhoods.

BEST is looking for people like you who are interested in becoming street auditors in the Surrey area.

For more information or to get involved please contact Anita at or 604-669-2860 ext. 207.

Ongoing, generous support is provided through the Community Gaming Grant program of the Province of BC, the City of Surrey Transportation Team and TransLink.



 **We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.**

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