Introducing the Litman ‘Chauffeuring Burden Index’

Introducing the Litman ‘Chauffeuring Burden Index’ Tuesday, September 2, 2014 – 6:00am PDT by Todd Litman One of the burdens of living in an automobile-dependent community is the significant amount of time and money that motorists must devote to chauffeuring non-drivers, including adolescents and adults with disabilities or low incomes who would travel independently if they had better transport options. This additional vehicle travel imposes direct costs on drivers, and increases external costs including traffic and parking congestion, infrastructure costs, traffic accident risk and pollution emissions. Travel surveys suggest that 5-15% of total personal motor vehicle travel consists of chauffeuring.

GTA’s top doctors join forces to encourage cities to plan for built-in exercise

GTA’s top doctors join forces to encourage cities to plan for built-in exercise Urban planning should encourage walking, cycling and use of public transit to battle chronic disease, public health doctors say. Toronto Star File Photo A group of medical officers of health are encouraging governments to spend more money on integrated transit to get people out of their cars to save lives. By: Theresa Boyle Health, Published on Wed May 14 2014 The top doctors for Toronto, Peel, Hamilton and Simcoe- Muskoka have joined forces to urge all levels of government to change the way communities are planned, to encourage more physical activity. When it comes to land-use and transportation planning, more consideration must be given to encouraging residents to walk, cycle and use public transit, they told a news conference at Union Station on Wednesday.