BEST is a proud member of Canada Walks.

BEST supports walking (by foot or wheeled mobility device) as a preferred mode of transportation because:

  • Everybody walks

  • Every trip begins and ends with walking

  • Walking is emissions free transportation

  • Walking boosts mental and physical wellbeing

  • Walking supports local purchasing

  • Walking puts eyes on the street, increasing safety and socialization

  • Walking is a low barrier mode, in terms of financial cost and accessibility

BEST advocates for the following:

  • Separation of cycling and walking facilities

    • Pedestrians & cyclists generally travel at very different speeds. Sharing facilities can create uncomfortable environments for users of each mode.

  • Built environments and land use plans that enable and encourage walking

    • 60% of population health outcomes are attributed to the built environment

  • 30km/hr speed limits on non-arterial roads within cities

    • Pedestrians have an 80% risk of dying when hit by a vehicle going 50km/h, but only a 10% risk when hit at 30km/hr.

  • Traffic calming and infrastructure improvements that encourage walking and discourage speeds over 30km/hr in residential and commercial areas

    • Roadway design is one of the top ways to improve safety of vulnerable road users, including pedestrians

  • Driver education and enforcement of rules of the road

    • According to ICBC data, a majority of pedestrian injuries and fatalities can be attributed to driver error. Enhanced driver education and enforcement is imperative to improve safety for pedestrians.

How our work encourages walking:

  • Living Streets– Since 2011, Living Streets has focused on improving and addressing gaps in the pedestrian environment in the City of Surrey.

  • Seniors Transportation Access and Resources– STAR works to increase and improve transportation options for seniors, including walking. STAR recognizes that senior pedestrians are vulnerable road users who are disproportionately killed or injured by motor vehicles. STAR advocates for policies and solutions which improve the comfort and safety of older pedestrians.

  • BC Commuter Challenge– The one week initiative encourages sustainable commuting to work, including walking. Every bike, transit and carpool trip begins and ends with a walk.

  • Parkbus – Parkbus helps to encourage ‘urban hikers’ (who walk for transportation in the city) to also take their walking to the woods by providing bus service to BC’s Provincial Parks.

  • The Bicycle Valet – provides free, safe, high-volume bicycle parking within walking distance from events. Providing safe, secure bike parking outside a busy main events makes it easy to leave bikes outside congested areas so everyone can walk more comfortably while enjoying the event. We’re also happy to valet strollers!

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