Parkbus ActiveDays BC Coordinator

16-week part-time contract position (15-20 hours per week) from May 15, 2018 through September 3, 2018.

Rate of pay: $20/hour

About us: BEST, or Better Environmentally Sound Transportation, is a non-profit organization that has been promoting sustainable transportation since 1991.

Our vision: Through sustainable transportation, we build vibrant, inclusive communities.
Our mission: To activate better transportation options through initiatives, collaboration and leadership.

About the Program:

Parkbus connects city dwellers with nature through accessible transportation options. Founded in 2010, we operate bus services to National and Provincial Parks from major cities across Canada. We also operate community nature and outdoor programs such as ActiveDays and NatureLink. In British Columbia, Parkbus programs are run by BEST, a non-profit charitable organization with a long history promoting sustainable transportation. In the rest of Canada, our programs are run by Transportation Options, an Ontario-based non-profit organization dedicated to fostering sustainable tourism and transportation.

ActiveDays is a program within Parkbus. ActiveDays uses the outdoors as a community building tool and is creating a collective with a passion to get outdoors, explore, learn and have fun together.

Our philosophy is simple; to disconnect from city life and get outside. ActiveDays encourages people to try something new, expand their comfort zone and/or engage in something they already love. We welcome people of all ages and experiences. We will be hiking, trail running, star watching, climbing, and exploring in any number of different ways. We are creating a community of outdoor enthusiasts who are curious to explore and thankful for the natural world that exists around them.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

The ActiveDays BC Coordinator has three major responsibilities. The Coordinator facilitates all ActiveDays BC programming, assists in the program development of ActiveDays BC and carries out the administrative duties of running the pilot project.

1. Facilitating ActiveDays Programming

  • Facilitating active, nature-based programs that get participants outside and exploring. Our programs explore National Parks, Provincial Parks and Conservation areas. We lead group hikes, trail runs, and educational excursions that allow individuals to discover beautiful places, meet like-minded people and disconnect from city life.
  • Community building is a key component to these programs. These programs aim to create a community of like-minded individuals who have a passion to get outside and explore. Facilitating open conversations and creating an environment of inclusion is central to the role.
  • Coordinate, develop, facilitate, and evaluate all ActiveDays BC programs, including, but not limited to, group hikes, group trail runs, star watching events, and community meet ups.
  • Source, prepare, and gather program materials when necessary
  • Record relevant program details
  • Manage, supervise, and support a team of ActiveDays volunteers and interns.
  • Handle the risk management duties of taking groups of people into the outdoors.
  • Must have experience working with diverse groups of people.

2. Assisting in Program Development

  • Scouting locations for potential ActiveDays events in and around Vancouver.
  • Creating outdoor programs that encourage participants to explore new places, develop new skills and learn about the natural world.
  • Plan programming that encourages community. Using games, hooks, questions, and conversations to create a space that is inclusive and allows for people to meet like-minded individuals.  
  • There is a flexibility in the programming you can develop. We are looking for individuals who can make this programming your own! You will have the freedom to develop outdoor programming that fits within the scope of ActiveDays.

3. Administrative Duties

  • Assist in the financial management of ActiveDays BC. Create, track, manage and monitor the program budget.
  • Assisting in the marketing of ActiveDays BC Programs. Drafting event write ups, sharing events on social media and helping to promote outings.
  • Coordination of logistics: work with bus dispatchers, communicate with National and Provincial Parks, collaborate with partners, manage a team of volunteers.
  • Communication with ActiveDays Community: manage the ActiveDays BC Facebook group, handling pre-departure and post-departure communication with riders.
  • Project monitoring and evaluation, including data tracking, surveys and submitting post-trip reports.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Clean and Current Vulnerable Sector Check
  • Standard First Aid and CPR Level C
  • Experience working with groups of people in an outdoor setting.
  • Experience facilitating workshops and programs for groups.
  • A passion for the outdoors — a knowledge of local trails and outdoor spaces in and around Vancouver.  
  • Two professional references that are able to comment on your character as well as your capabilities as a facilitator.
  • Must be currently enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary institution studying in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM), Business, or in a program with an environmental focus
  • Must be a Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident, or designated Refugee status

Preference will be given to individuals with:

  • Wilderness First Responder (WFR) or Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA)
  • Other outdoor guiding and safety certifications.
  • Undergraduate or Masters Degree in Related Field(s)
  • Bachelor of Education
  • An ability to speak another language
  • Experience developing outdoor programming and/or experience with ideas of community building.

To apply, send your résumé to info[at] along with an introduction telling us who you are and why you’d like to work with us!

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