The Bicycle Valet at Granville Island- FOUR DAYS A WEEK!

The Bicycle Valet at Granville Island- FOUR DAYS A WEEK!

If you ever ride a bike, you probably look for us to keep your ride safe at most special events in Metro Vancouver. But what if you had the chance to see us almost every day?

The Bicycle Valet Team will be at your service from 10am to 7pm Thursday through Sunday at Granville Island, all summer long! That’s right, you can get free and safe bicycle parking on Granville Island this summer!

You can find us directly behind the Granville Island Brewery (convenient!). When you’re riding on to the island, instead of turning right, just hop off your bike at the Brewery and walk the ten feet across the across the crosswalk to our new summer home! Here’s a map for your convenience:

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Mayors Council on Regional Transportation Regional Transportation Investments Releases Vision for Metro Vancouver

Mayors Council on Regional Transportation Investments Releases  Vision for Metro Vancouver

The Mayors’ Council, representing 23 local elected governments in Metro Vancouver, has developed a common Vision and action plan for our transportation system. This Vision will protect our regional economy, our environment, our health and our quality of life.


The Mayors’ Council Vision for Metro Vancouver will reduce traffic congestion by 10%, allowing drivers and transit users to save 20–30 minutes per day on some of the region’s most congested corridors.

For drivers, that means less time stuck in traffic and, through improved transit service, a real alternative to driving. For transit users, it means better and extended bus service, improved HandyDART service and an expanded rapid transit system for the region. The Vision will also allow cycling to become a safer and viable travel choice.

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    Light Rail Transit In Surrey and the Langleys

    104 Avenue and King George Boulevard in the first 7 years and Fraser Highway to Langley Centre in the first 12 years of the Vision
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    Broadway Corridor Rapid Transit

    Millennium Line extension to Arbutus Street within the next 10 years
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    Patullo Bridge Replacement

    New safer four-lane bridge, designed to keep the possibility of future expansion to six lanes

75% More B-Line bus service in the Metro Vancouver Region

11 new B-Line routes throughout the region, 159 new buses and 200 kilometres of new B-Line service



Help The Bicycle Valet Park 100 Bikes!


We’ve come a long way-and parked a lot of bikes- since we started in 2006. Gone are the days when passer bys scratched their heads in confusion or gave us strange looks- now we get cheers and smiles of recognitions. “ Oh look, it’s The Bicycle Valet!” is a now a common overheard, as are bikes seen around Metro Vancouver and Squamish with the familiar green tags from past events. A personal favourite is when a patron comes up with an old tag on their bike, and finding out they just rode from one of our Valets at another event!


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